A Niche For Like-minded Minimalists

The popularity of tiny homes has snowballed in the last decade. These dwellings look like they’re straight out of a fairytale, with beautiful lighting and quaint gardens. You see images of them everywhere—from websites on micro home living to your social media feed. Tiny house owners take great pride in their well-designed homes, frequently posting photos and participating in online communities. The trend now even has its own hashtag, #tinyhousemovement. 

With the growth of the movement, more people are opting for this way of life. As a result, communities of micro dwellings called tiny homes villages are springing up all over the world. Many tiny house enthusiasts prefer to live in these communities where they can interact with like-minded individuals, while still enjoying their own space. These setups offer many advantages, including affordable housing options, and a sense of belonging. Some of them even have common community gardens and recreation areas that encourage people to be more physically active. 

Tiny Homes Are The Ideal Solution For Minimalists

Micro houses are a great option for minimalists and those looking to lead a less cluttered lifestyle. Tiny homes are optimised to be as functional as possible. This means that they typically have only the bare essentials and are stripped of anything considered unnecessary. So this way of living and the concept of minimalism go hand in hand.

The idea of minimalism is often misunderstood. Simply spending a day going through your things and getting rid of the stuff you don’t want does not make you a minimalist. Minimalism is a way of life and a method of organising and managing your belongings. It is all about living intentionally so that every item you own serves a purpose. It offers a way to break away from consumerism and lead a more thoughtful life. When it is done right minimalism can give you a sense of freedom and even potentially have a positive impact on your mental health. 

A Boon For Nature Lovers With A “Less Is More” Attitude

To someone who’s been enjoying living in a micro-home, the excess space that an average house offers seems completely unnecessary. There’s no need for a sprawling bedroom, a walk-in closet, or a kitchen with hundreds of cabinets. All they require is a stove, a place to sleep, and a toilet. While some choose to have a small living zone, others simply entertain their visitors outdoors. The surrounding area can quickly become an extension of your space when living in a micro home. 

When it comes to incorporating minimalism into a tiny home, there are many variations. Some people move into tiny homes with the sole purpose of incorporating nature into their daily lives. They can do without most material things and even go as far as to sleep outdoors. Others prefer to downsize and don’t like the idea of giving up all their nice things. The key to enjoying dwelling in a micro home is to find the right balance of minimalism that works for you. 

The Chance To Build A Community Of Like-minded Individuals

While leading a minimalist lifestyle has plenty of benefits, it does come with its fair share of challenges. This is why connecting with a like-minded group of people can help you navigate the changes that come with moving into a micro house. 

Since people move into tiny homes with downsizing in mind, they are usually on board with the idea of cutting down their belongings. But learning to live with less space can be difficult for some, so living in a community of people who have embraced this way of living can be very useful. Being a part of a tiny home village also offers many other benefits such as security, resource sharing, employment, and a sense of belonging. 

Tiny home communities can be found in the centre of densely packed urban cities as well as in more remote areas surrounded by nature. So if you’re venturing into micro-house living for the first time, choosing the right village to move to can help you ease into the transition. 

Final Thoughts

In the last few years, the concept of living and thriving in a tiny home has taken hold in several countries. This is because of the many advantages these pocket-sized dwellings offer, including low cost of living, eco-consciousness, the freedom to travel and lead a simpler life. Both homeowners and renters are opting for micro homes to get past the restrictions of living in regular-sized houses. Renting is a great option if you’d like to get a taste of what being a part of one of these communities is like, before taking the plunge.

As a result of the popularity of these dwellings, tiny homes villages have begun popping up all over the country. While living in these communities is a relatively new concept, more and more people are gravitating towards alternative lifestyles every year. 

Leonard Ross is an established property developer in Auckland, New Zealand.